Can I volunteer?

Yes, we would love volunteers to help with our runs. Please email us at rracing@rocketmail.com for more information.  All volunteers can run with us for free!

Is there a mail in registration?

Yes, the form can be found in this link:


What is the cancellation or refund policy?

We generally do not give refunds or allow cancellation.  Instead you can transfer your entry to another 

race date, or transfer to a friend or family member if emailing us ahead of time. 

Is there day of run registration?

Yes, we accept same day registration if the run is not full.  When the run is full and registration is closed

it will be noted on the website.

Are walkers allowed?

Yes, we have a lot of walkers participate in the events. We encourage people to run or walk their way to better health and to meet their goals!

Will run times be posted on the website?

Yes, all times will be posted usually within the day.  Also, all results will be sent to athlinks.com for those of you who collect times on that site. We are very adamant about posting results as quickly as possible after the event.

Will there be a photographer at the runs?

We will try to have a photographer take pictures at each run however there may be times where this is not possible, but we will do our best.  All photos will be available for free on our Facebook page.  We think photos should be shared for free.

Are there awards?

Everyone who participates is a winner.  All participants receive a medal. 

Are there time limits?

None!  We will be there as long as it takes for you to finish.

Can I change distance after registering?

Yes.  We try to accommodate our participants with their requests.  During a run, if a participant wants to increase or decrease their distance, just ask and we will most likely confirm the change.

Can I start earlier or later than the scheduled time?

Usually yes.  Just email us with a request and your preferred start time and we will try to accommodate it.  It’s recommended to start earlier for the ultra distances of 50k or 50 miler, and possibly marathon. 

What is offered at aid stations?

Generally for the half marathon, marathon, and ultramarathon events we will offer water, Gatorade, fruit (oranges, bananas), and Gu gels.  We will accommodate most requests as long as they are submitted a few days before the run.  We really want to give our participants the best experience so we are open to suggestions and requests for aid stations.  We also have salt and S caps at the aid stations and everyone is welcome to leave a drop bag.

Why run a Rocket Racing Productions race?

We are offering a friendly, fun racing atmosphere in Southern California.  There are no hidden motives, everything is straight forward.  We offer the pure essentials of racing.

Can I have someone pace me during a run?

Yes, pacers are more than welcome at any time.

Are strollers allowed?

Yes, you can run or walk with a stroller on the path.  We just ask you to be mindful of cyclists and others on the path.

Submit any questions or comments to rracing@rocketmail.com

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